Card Games for Kids

Card games, also known as playing cards, are a type of table game. With the vigorous popularity of mobile devices, the charm of mobile games has gradually begun to emerge. But these mobile games are bad for eyesight. The card game is convenient and quick, and the operation is simple. It’s quite hot among children. In our factory, we can manufacture the custom printed card games for kids of your design graphics.

On the market, there are several different styles of card games, such as flash cards for kids, tarot cards, oracle cards, game cards, etc. A flash card is a small card with a beautiful picture printed on it and a shiny surface. The themes are mostly Japanese cartoon characters, Japanese artists, or Hong Kong artists. The back is mostly small information about cartoons (such as character personal files), or personal files of related artists. It may also be the lyrics of the artist’s lead song.

Kids Playing Cards Made in China

with good cost rate from China

Kids playing cards are super popular among children, for it’s simple and easy to play with. In China, there are hundreds of manufacturers to make custom printed card games for kids. Usually, they are at a good price and high quality. As a leading printing manufacturer, UNICO is right here for your custom card games projects.

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Children Card Games

Paper Card Games for Children

Card games, also known as playing cards, are a type of tabletop game. It’s quite popular among children. These cards are printed with various themes, mainly fashion celebrities, cartoons, and popular games, etc. With rigid box packaging, it looks more luxurious. Usually, the cards are also packed with shrink film as your requirement. Of course, if your budget is tight as a start-up business, single layer paperboard packaging is also popular.

The paper material for card games is sturdy and durable. And both sides can be printed with your graphics on card games for kids. On the logo and frame, it’s possible to add hot stamping in gold or silver or shiny spot UV varnish. UNICO is a leading manufacturer in China to make custom print paper card games and various surface disposal for your choice. To ship the online orders of card games, you can choose custom print postal boxes made of corrugated board.

Family Card Games

Color Print Card Games for Family

Card games for the family are perfect for family gatherings, camping trips, holidays, and more. Usually, these card games are simpler to pull out and play for a quick game. They are also typically smaller and easier to take on family vacations. Of course, they are often cheaper than board games so buying a number of card games won’t break the bank.

Poker is a family of gambling games, which usually ranks top among the card games. There are a total of 54 cards in a deck of playing cards, 52 of which are genuine cards and the other 2 are secondary cards (big Joker and small Joker). The standard Poker size, which is suitable for international poker tournaments, is 6.3*8.8cm. 

The poker game is also a super popular card games for kids. There are many different ways to play in the world. In UNICO, we can manufacture the family card games with your custom design graphics printing.

Educational Flash Card Games for Kids

Educational Cards Games for Kids

The Doman flash card originated in the United States in the 1960s and was first created and used by Dr. GLENN DOMAN. It is completely based on the most natural physiological phenomenon of the human brain and nervous system.

Reading is an important channel for children to learn about the world, and reading ability is based on literacy. Not only do our babies know how to read while playing, but they can also read books independently. Moreover, it is a very important training tool to develop the potential of the baby’s brain. Through these educational flash cards, you can effectively stimulate the potential of speed reading and shorthand that have already existed in your baby’s brain. In other words, the main function is to develop the potential of speed reading and shorthand in the baby’s brain.

Using the educational flash card games, infants and young children can not only learn mathematics, recognize words, and read, but also enjoy learning very much.

Tarot Card Games

Custom Print Tarot Card Games

The tarot is a pack of playing cards. There are 78 tarot cards, of which 22 are large arcana cards and 56 are small arcana cards. You can use them separately for divination, or use a mixture of 78 sheets for divination. It is worth mentioning that the Tarot card does not refer to a fixed card. In fact, there are many kinds of tarot cards, at least there are thousands of them. But most of them are based on the extension of the world’s three major tarot systems.

The tarot is used from at least the mid-15th century in various parts of Europe to play games. Tarot cards are an ancient tool for divination in the West. They have been popular in Europe since the Middle Ages. Its origin has always been a mystery.

Custom print tarot cards can be made in the UNICO factory. We’d like to manufacture every single pack of tarot cards with your requirements. Hot stamping, shiny spot UV are available.

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We will provide you with the best card games for your business.

Educational Flash Card Games
Educational Flash Card Games
Paperboard Card Games with Rigid Box
Card Games for Kids with Rigid Box
Custom Made Tarot Paper Card Games
Custom Print Tarot Paper Cards
Custom Print Poker Cards
Custom Print Poker Cards
Color Print Oracle Cards
2 Sides Printing Oracle Cards
Custom Made Boxed Christmas Cards
OEM Boxed Christmas Cards

All Card Games for Kids Can Be Customized
with Your Requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get custom print card games from you?

Absolutely. Unico is a leading card games manufacturer in China, and we have been manufacturing high quality customized paper cards for over 10 years. In our factory, we manufacture different types of card games for kids. You can use the custom printed cards as a free gift to promote your business.

2. Do you offer free sample of card games?

For the card games sample, we have 2 options for your choice. 

  • card games in stock, but it was printed with other themes or graphics of other clients, such samples are free of charge. This is only for you to check the quality of material and printing. What you need to pay is the international express shipping fee. 
  • as regards custom printing card games for kids with your design, usually, it’s charged with the cost of US$200, and the shipping cost for express is US$50 or so. If the amount of bulk order is over US$10,000, it’s possible to refund the sample cost 100%.
3. When will I get the custom printed card games for kids?

It takes up 15-18 business days to manufacture and ship out your custom orders. If the order quantity is bigger, it would take 25-30 days, because the card games usually take too much time to assemble and package.

4. Do you ship paper card games to countries other than United States?

Absolutely. We can ship the custom made card games for kids to where that you need them, not just the U.S.

5. What type of inks do you use for colored card games for kids?

For card games printing, we use soybean oil ink, because it is a truly applicable environmentally friendly ink. Its production is abundant and the price is cheap (especially in the United States). The performance is safe and reliable. The printing effect is good and meets the standards of printing ink. Compared with traditional inks, soy ink has bright color, high concentration, good gloss, friction resistance, and drying resistance.

6. What additional features can you include on custom card games for kids?

In our factory, all card games can be customized according to your requirements, like dimensions, print colors, surface disposal, etc. On the surface of the paper cards, you can include additional features of hot stamping, lamination, glossy spot UV, glittering, etc.

Packaging Boxes Surface Disposal
Various Surface Disposal
Hot Stamping Card Games
Hot Stamping Card Games
7. How do you pack game cards?

All game cards can be made with your requested design in our factory, of course, including the packaging way. Usually, the cards are packed by shrink film, then put into a rigid box, or color printed paper box. If you have your own packaging ideas, please feel free to contact us. We’d like to help on that.

8. Do you have card games for kids in stock?

In fact, we have don’t have game cards in stock, because we are a leading manufacturer of card games in China, all cards can be customized with your requirements. If you need to get your own brand printed cardboard boxes, it’s possible to produce in our factory. 

If you need cheap price playing cards with common print, you can contact our sales representative, usually, after several bulk productions, we may have several packages in stock.

9. Is there a MOQ of custom print card games?

Different manufacturers of card games have different minimum order quantities. It is therefore essential to contact your manufacturer to obtain additional information on the minimum order quantity. Unico is a premium manufacturer of card games for kids in China, and their MOQ is usually 1000 pieces. If you are a startup company or only a smaller trial order, please contact the sales representative for further discussion.

10. What format of printed documents do you need?

To make custom printed card games for kids, you need to provide the artwork file in .ai or PDF format, and please ensure the files are editable, or vectorial. Furthermore, please tell your designer to make sure that the text is outlined.

List of Card Games

On Amazon, there are many styles of game cards. Here we list a few more popular styles for your reference.

Bicycle Standard Jumbo Playing Cards

Bicycle standard playing cards are in Poker size, 12 decks, and a mix of red and blue. Each deck consists of 52 traditional suited playing cards, two Jokers, and two additional Ad cards. This is great for all card games including Poker, Canasta, Rummy, Pinochle, Euchre, Hearts, Blackjack, Go Fish, Baccarat, and more and more.

Bicycle playing cards are made in the USA and have an air-cushion finish for ease of handling and shuffling. Rooted in expert craftsmanship, beautiful design, and high quality, Bicycle has been the trusted authority on cards and card games since 1885.

Regal Games Store

In this store, they sell many Classic Card Games – Games Included May Vary – Includes Old Maid, Go Fish, Slapjack, Crazy 8’s, War, and (Silly Monster Memory Match or Banapples Jr) (All 6 Games).

They are extra large cards that measure 4 inches by 2-3/4 inches making them easy to hold and read for children of all ages. Updated with fun new graphics bringing these classic card games into the 21st century for new generations to enjoy. It would help your child learn about different colors, teach them about numbers, reading, and matching to keep their minds sharp while having fun

Arizona GameCo Store

Smack it Card Game for Kids, it is easy to learn and outrageously fun to play. This is a family game which can be played by 2 to 7 players, for kids age 6 +. Smack it! is a fast card game with an average play time between 7 and 14 minutes.

Your kids will love playing Smack it! and it will quickly become one of their favorite card games. The game is fast-moving and, if you blink your eyes, you might just miss some of the action! It makes a great addition to family game night because it’s easy for younger children to play and have fun with adults.

It is easier to learn than these classic children’s games: go fish, old maid, crazy eights, or checkers. You can teach the game to your kids in less than one minute. It’s a really fun card games for kids.

At UNICO, we’ll help you find the best game cards for all your needs. 

Whether you need printed corrugated boxes, rigid paper boxes, printed paper bags, or jigsaw puzzles, you will find them right here.

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