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Sticker label, also called self-adhesive label material, is a composite material with paper, film, or special material as the fabric, adhesive on the back, and silicon-coated protective paper as the backing paper. It is widely used in various industries, like cosmetics, electronics, beverages, food, machinery, etc. However, with different usage, the characters of the stickers are also quite different. To get the correct stickers for your project, an experienced supplier is necessary. Unico is a leading factory in China to produce custom stickers with your design printing. Small MOQ, fast delivery, high quality, 24/7 customer support.

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In the 1930s, self-adhesive materials were first used in the United States. Due to the growing demand for this special composite material, self-adhesive printing has gradually evolved into a separate printing field. There are more and more enterprises engaged in self-adhesive label printing at home and abroad. In China, there are many factories that are able to make custom stickers, which also reached an unprecedented level.

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Various Materials for Custom Stickers

According to the different materials used, self-adhesive labels are roughly divided into two types: one is paper self-adhesive labels, and the other is film self-adhesive labels. Paper self-adhesive labels are mainly used for liquid washing products and popular personal care products;  film materials are mainly used for medium and high-end daily chemical products.

Art paper custom stickers printing

Art Paper Stickers Printing

Coated art paper self-adhesive label is a widely used and common self-adhesive material in custom stickers. Barcode labels are mostly self-adhesive materials using this coated paper. One of the reasons is the low price and environmental protection requirements. The thickness is generally about 80gsm. You can use coated paper self-adhesive labels in supermarkets, inventory management, clothing tags, industrial production lines, cosmetic labels, pharmaceutical labels, food industry labels, etc.

The working temperature of art paper stickers ranges from -50℃ ~+90℃, labeling temperature +7℃. Avery brand is much famous for art paper sticker material.

Vinyl Shampoo Stickers Printing

Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl material is also known as PVC, and vinyl stickers are printed from a durable white vinyl material. They are strong and durable. The printing on vinyl stickers is not easy to fade and is perfect for harsh outdoor conditions. Vinyl stickers can last much long time, usually 5-10 years depending on where they are applied.

Vinyl stickers are completely waterproof, so it is widely used in shampoo bottles, body wash, hand washing, etc. To protect the ink that is applied onto the vinyl, you can also choose the lamination process after the ink printing. At last, vinyl stickers are quite popular and many business owners prefer vinyl custom stickers.

kraft label stickers in roll

Kraft Label Stickers

The material of the kraft paper self-adhesive is brownish yellow. The surface paper feels grainy and has a strong texture. The kraft stickers are mostly used for food labels and food seals. Usually, custom stickers made of kraft self-adhesive material are printed with single color like black.

UNICO is a leading factory in China to produce custom kraft stickers. Fast delivery, small MOQ, 24/7 online customer support. You can choose kiss cut stickers or die cut stickers using kraft self-adhesive material labels. It is possible to finish the custom stickers in any shape and size that you need.

Custom Clear Stickers Printing

Custom Clear Stickers

Clear stickers are also known as transparent stickers. They are normally considered as promotional products in public. You can use them on beverage bottle labeling, VODKA bottle labeling, cosmetics packaging, food packaging, health care products, etc.

The material of clear stickers includes PET, BOPP, PVC, PE, OPP, etc. You can have the custom stickers printed in colorful CMYK or Pantone colors. Like the product in the image, hot stamping or foil print in gold is much more popular, because it helps improve the level of the products. The characteristics of clear stickers are tear resistance, high temperature resistance, stability, chemical resistance, good scratch resistance, etc.

waterproof removable adhesive stickers

Removable Custom Stickers

Removable labels are also known as environmentally friendly labels, N-time labels, and removable stickers. It does not leave marks when torn off, made of removable glue. You can use it multiple times without any damage. It is widely used in many industries, such as clothing hang tags, logistics labels, commodity labels, railway tickets, medicine label product printing, barcode printing, etc.

UNICO is a leading factory in China to produce custom stickers made of removable vinyl material. Adhesive stickers can be made with your logo of hot stamping, glossy UV coating, embossing, glittering, etc. MOQ is small, and delivery time is short.

Custom Holographic Stickers

Holographic Stickers

Holographic stickers are also referred to as pearlescent stickers or laser stickers. The name of the material the sticker is printed on is holographic. Holographic custom stickers are made with colorful, reflective vinyl that makes your printing shinier. You can also choose some holographic self-adhesive materials that can be made into anti-counterfeiting labels.

Custom printing holographic stickers are very attractive. If you want to make your brand or logo super prominent, holographic stickers definitely suitable. It will make your image shine with a rainbow-like iridescent surface. Holographic stickers are also waterproof, weatherproof, and anti-scratch. UNICO can help you produce printing holographic custom stickers.

Custom Fabric Fuzzy Stickers

Custom Fuzzy Stickers

Fuzzy stickers are also known as flocking stickers, fabric stickers, decorative stickers, etc. You can order custom print fuzzy stickers as promotional gifts. There are many cute designs for your choice, like unicorns, butterflies, dogs, bears, mushrooms, ice creams, etc. Fuzzy stickers can be made with custom design printing in CMYK. If you want to make custom fabric stickers more luxurious, it’s possible to add hot stamping print, like gold foil print, or silver foil print. Other colors of foil print are also available. 

Consumers can use fuzzy stickers to decorate their water bottles, envelopes, clothing, and more with fuzzy stickers & labels. Contact us for your good quality custom design fabric stickers.

Custom Transfer Stickers Printing

Transfer Stickers

A transfer sticker usually come with three parts. The first thing is the backing material of the vinyl sheet. The second layer is the sticker label itself, which can be cut to your wanted design. Finally it is the top layer of transfer tape to help you place the sticker where you want. The requested design is printed on the middle second layer, which is the sticker with glue on the back.

Transfer stickers help you to get the logo onto the bottles or other packaging that you want. Of course, you can also design the stickers as gifts or toys for your children. So far, we also have many client who requested custom transfer stickers for their cars with design printing. In UNICO, we can give you unbeatable price, quality and delivery.

custom print thermal stickers

Thermal Stickers

The surface of thermal stickers is treated with a heat-sensitive coating. You can print texts or colors using thermal label printers. The effect of thermal self-adhesive printing is very good, and the handwriting and color are very clear. Sizes of stock thermal stickers are 50x30mm, 50x70mm, 60x40mm, 70x30mm, etc.

But there is a disadvantage that the storage time is not long. Therefore, we should pay attention to preservation when using thermal stickers. Do not place it under strong light, so that the writing will slowly fade, and keep it in a cool place. Furthermore, ordinary thermal barcode paper is not waterproof, oil-proof, and tearable.

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Custom Beauty Labels Printing Factory

Custom Beauty Labels

UNICO specializes in beauty label printing with custom design artwork. We work with various materials such as vinyl, kraft paper, art paper, etc.

Cosmetics Stickers Printing Factory

Cosmetics Stickers

Custom printing cosmetics stickers made of vinyl material, which is waterproof, tear-resistant, and durable. It’s a fast way to promote your business.

Waterproof Shampoo Vinyl Stickers Printing Factory

Vinyl Shampoo Stickers

UNICO offers waterproof level durable vinyl shampoo stickers printing with your own design. Small MOQ, fast delivery, good quality.

Custom Print Water Bottle Label Stickers

Water Bottle Stickers

Water bottle stickers can be printed with your design artwork and cut to size or in rolls. The material is waterproof vinyl or BOPP.

Juice Label Stickers Printing Factory

Juice Label Rolls

UNICO offers custom juice bottle labels in rolls. The letters or phrases can be made with gold hot stamping, which helps improve the level.

Custom Made Aluminium Wine Label Stickers

Metal Wine Label

The material for metal wine labels is aluminum foil, which is quite thin. You can choose a 3d design of embossing your logo and texts as the image.

Custom Print Freezer Label Sticker

Custom Freezer Labels

UNICO offers quality labels that adhere to frozen environments. The custom stickers can withstand extremely cold temperatures. Such labels are waterproof and freezer safe.

custom seal sticker labels

Personalized Seal Stickers

Seal stickers are widely used in packaging, and you can also use them in the mailing of goods. Custom print sealing stickers can display additional product information.

custom thank you label stickers

Thank You Stickers

UNICO provides thank you labels for wedding, birthday, gift box, events, thanks envelopes, etc. Letters can be hot stamping, or foil print with your custom design artwork.

cartoon printing die cut stickers

Cartoon Die Cut Stickers

Die cut stickers with cartoon design printing are much popular. You can have the stickers on your laptop, tattoos, bottles, etc.

custom design print tire stickers

Fashion Tire Stickers

UNICO provides high quality tire stickers of your custom design letters printing, which improves your tires and wheels more fashionable.

custom car stickers printing

Custom Car Stickers

A car sticker is one kind of transfer sticker, which includes 3 layers. The design artwork is printed on the middle layer for your car stickers.

Color Printing for Custom Stickers

single side printing Christmas stickers

Single Side Printing Christmas Stickers

Single side printing stickers are the most conventional style labels, which include the front layer with backing adhesive, and the backing paper. Material is usually vinyl, paper, PVC, Bopp, etc.  UNICO can offer custom design printing on the surface paper, or vinyl. Then kiss cut the stickers or die cut as your requested style. Such stickers can be finished in sheets, individual pieces, or rolls. 

To protect the printing inks, you can choose a thin film on the surface of Christmas stickers, glossy or matte. The logo or brand letters can be foil printed with various colors, such as gold, purple, blue, silver, etc. This hot stamping foil print helps improve the brand level.

custom double sided stickers printing factory

Double Sided Custom Stickers

Obviously, a double-sided sticker has printing on both the front and back of the sticker. You may also know it as 2-sided decals, or both sides printed stickers. This is a common sticker in life because double sided stickers are widely in daily life, such as water bottle labels, clear glass door warning stickers, product labels, etc.

UNICO provides custom printing double sides sticker labels for your orders, any size, or any request die cut shape. The material is usually white vinyl or clear stock with a regular grade adhesive. You can easily remove it when you don’t need it any more.

custom print booklet labels

Custom Booklet Labels

Booklet labels are also known as booklet, foldout stickers, multilayer stickers, extended labels, etc. It is a perfect solution when the pack is not big enough for a single sticker. Booklet stickers usually contain extensive information on a small label area with 2 sides printed on each layer.

UNICO offers custom design printing booklet labels, and you can use them on various products, such as food goods with recipes, retail items with brand stories, promotional items with unique content, etc. In our factory, all booklet labels can be customized with your design colors printing, logo hot stamping. Small MOQ, fast delivery, good quality. Booklet label is a reasonable cost way for your brand.

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