Custom Printed Subscription Boxes

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Create your branded boxes for your subscription box company. Explore inspiration for custom subscription boxes that protect your goods while enhancing the full unboxing experience.

  • strong and durable material. 350gsm duplex board + E flute corrugated board.
  • surface with custom design lithographic printing
  • matte lamination for waterproof
  • you can choose glossy UV, emboss, or hot stamping to the logo
  • fast delivery 12-15 working days after print artwork is approved.


Subscription Box is simply an exclusive hobby collection box. It is kind of like giving yourself a little surprise every month. You can get the boxes at a fixed price, and a fixed delivery time. The only thing that’s not fixed is that you don’t know what interesting stuff you’ll receive. With the rapid development of e-commerce, more and more merchants will have their own branded custom subscription boxes. And such boxes would bring a fantastic unboxing experience to the consumers.

The custom printed subscription box is one kind of corrugated packaging box. You can add your design printing to both sides of the packaging box, interior, and exterior. To get a precise quality cardboard mailer box for subscription use, you need to communicate with the supplier about the weight of your goods, and dimensions. Thereafter the engineer would figure out the suitable material for your project. Of course, with good material chosen, a reasonable price will follow to come out.

Characters of Custom Subscription Boxes

  1. usually the material is 250gsm duplex board + single wall E flute board, as long as your goods inside with light weight.
  2. for two sided printing option, there is a need to change the material to 250gsm duplex board + E flute board + 250gsm duplex board.
  3. the surface printed paper can be kraft paper material, which is 100% recyclable, and environmentally friendly.
  4. you can choose lithographic printing for your projects, and it leads to a perfect effect for your brand. If you only need a simple logo and single color printing, flexographic printing is a better choice, which is a cheaper cost.
  5. in order to get a higher level of the subscription boxes, you can add hot stamping, glossy UV, glittering, or embossing to the logo position, which brings a luxurious feel.
  6. to make the custom subscription boxes waterproof, glossy or matte lamination is widely used.
  7. to ship the boxes safe to your warehouse, we can pack them with plastic pallets or strong outer carton boxes.
Packaging Boxes Surface Disposal
Various Surface Disposal

Popular Structure of Subscription Boxes

Roll end front tuck box, which is FEFCO 0426, or 0427, is a super hot style because the boxes are flat pack onto the pallets, and you can ship them at a good freight, and save the storage space. It is also much easy to fold the cardboard mailer boxes when you need to put the goods in.

When opening a subscription box service, you must not only consider product distribution but also think about the assembly and packaging of the subscription box. This is a rather time-consuming and cost-consuming process. Regarding this aspect of the business, you may consider outsourcing to a third-party company. You can ask them to customize the subscription box for you and pack the product together. For some high-end packaging, the cost may be relatively high.

If your subscription box is the same size as a standard USPS or Royal Mailbox, your postage bill will be relatively low. But once the volume exceeds, the postage will skyrocket. Therefore, you want to control your subscription box size as much as possible. The box should be as flat as possible. If the product inside can be packed in bags, try not to use jars. But let this series of adjustments be made without affecting the customer experience.

Creativity and brand building are the driving forces behind the subscription box business model. A subscription box business will allow you to get a lot of repeat sales, increase the value of your product, and give you greater pricing freedom. If you are looking for any custom subscription boxes, UNICO in China would be your support. Contact us when you need, and our service team will reply to you within 24 hours.

12 reviews for Custom Printed Subscription Boxes

  1. Eli Vazquez

    Our order of subscription boxes were finished very fast. I love their service.

  2. Andrea ElĂ­as

    We have our subscription box printing in UNICO factory. Their replies are professional and responsive. Amy is a good sales, and your boss should increase your salary. ha~

  3. Mario C.

    I really love the subscription boxes made from UNICO factory. They are super professional and fast response to my requirements. Finally, the boxes arrived without damage.

  4. Keneth Venabe

    good. (thumbsup)

  5. Kerwin K.

    Good quality subscription boxes, good service team, good communication. In a word, UNICO is the prior choice for our repeat orders.

  6. Joy Frain


  7. Ariana Pena

    I love the subscription boxes made from UNICO PACKING. good quality, and well packed, arrive safe and sound.

  8. Michael Thale

    I ordered this subscription boxes with my own design printing, exterior and interior. I never ever thought they could finish so fast, and quality is perfect. Sales representative Alice is also responsive.

  9. Kyla Fin

    I am a small business owner, and I’m using these boxes to ship my e-commerce dog items. These boxes are excellent quality. None of the boxes were damaged during shipping.

  10. Ashley McClure

    The size of the boxes are perfect for what I needed, and the material is thick box. Perfect printing quality, and safe shipment to my warehouse. I will order again when I need more.

  11. Emily Kim

    I bought these boxes with my own design, and used it as subcription boxes. They are perfect! I’m very happy with my purchase.

  12. Kevin Simko

    I purchased from UNICO in the past and was very satifised so I came back for more. I’m very happy with the quality. Very sturdy, smooth and easy to fold. Holds up very well.

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