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Pillow boxes are such a fast and cute way to present your gifts, and it's eye catching, unique, and well made. We can make the pillow paper boxes with your brand design printing.
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UNICO is a leading pillow box manufacturer in China to make packaging for jewelry, hair extension, cosmetics, electronics, etc. We use high quality materials like C1S or C2S art paper, white cardstock, and kraft paper as your requirements. Printing in CMYK/ Pantone is as per your design artwork file. We have advanced printing equipment imported from Germany and skilled workers to ensure the quality of your packaging projects.

Gallery of Paper Pillow Box

Custom Paper Pillow Box
Glossy Color Pillow Box
Glossy Color Printed Pillow Boxes
Matte Color Pillow Box
Foil Print Paper Pillow Box
Foil Print Logo Pillow Box
Metallic Paper Pillow Box
Metallic Gold Pillow Paper Box
Pillow Paper Box for Chocolate
Kraft Pillow Box for Chocolate
Texture Paper Pillow Box
Texture Paper Pillow Box
Shiny Spot UV Pillow Paper Box
Shiny Spot UV Pillow Paper Box
Clear Window Pillow Paper Box
Clear Window Pillow Paper Box
Wigs Pillow Paper Box
Wigs Pillow Paper Box

Fast & Reliable Custom Pillow Box manufacturer

High Quality Offset Printing

We have advanced printing equipment imported from Germany for offset printing.

Custom Design, Size & Style

All of the pillow paper boxes are 100% customized with your logo and brand design printing. Various materials are for your choice.

Competitive Pricing

Take materials directly from the paper mill, complete production equipment assembly line, to ensure competitive prices for your pillow box printing projects.

Fast Turnaround

With complete production lines and stock materials, we can finish the pillow boxes printing in 3 days. Then automatic die-cut, automatic glue seam. Totally 7-10 days for you.

100% Custom Pillow Box Packaging

The pillow box is very useful packaging in daily life, you can use it for packaging wedding favors, jewelry, or wigs. There is a huge range of sizes for you, and you can put anything you need inside. Pillow boxes can be printed in full color design with your artwork in CMYK and Pantone. Material is usually 14pt, 16pt, 18pt SBS paperboard.

To protect the inks on the surface, you can choose glossy or matte lamination. It also keeps the surface away from water. To bring the packaging pillow box to a higher level, you can make the logo with foil print (gold, silver, rose pink, purple, red, blue, etc available). 

For the carrier handle, there are various options for you, like wide ribbon, slimy cotton handle, etc. Colorful and diverse for you to choose.

Custom printed Pillow Paper Boxes
Custom Print Pillow Boxes

Pillow Boxes: Packaging Simple and Unique

Pillow box packaging with your logo printing will bring your brand to a high level. You will get them flat for easy storage, and pillow boxes are already pre-glued in our factory, so you just need to pop them into shape in just a few seconds. This is a perfect quick packaging solution for gifts, jewelry, and wigs business.

Simple designed pillow boxes are with lightweight, and it helps save your postage to ship the products. And printing directly on the cardstock gets a fantastic visual effect for your consumers.

Add-ons for Pillow Box

In practice, you have a wide variety of surface finishes to choose for custom printed pillow boxes. It can make your logo and brand more prominent and attractive.

  • Foil Print: usually, foil print is made with gold or silver color. Over time, more and more colors are available, such as blue, purple, rose red, and even holographic, etc.
  • Spot UV: its UV varnish makes your logo much shiny through silk screen printing, or even into your requested shape textures.
  • Embossing or Debossing: in fact, these are two different treatments for your logo position. Embossing makes the logo higher from the paper surface, while debossing makes it lower.
  • Flocking: using glue to make the fluff to the pillow box by screen printing. So that it feels soft to the touch.
Packaging Boxes Surface Disposal
Pillow Box Template

Pillow Box Template

For the pillow box template, you can get it 100% free from our side with your requested dimensions and style. You can discuss it with our sales team, and after everything is clear, our designer will make the drawing. PDF or .ai format of the pillow box template will be shared with you by then.

  • Solid Line: cutting lines of case blanks
  • Dotted Line: crease lines

If you are looking for a supplier for your custom printed pillow boxes, UNICO is the perfect one. In our factory, we can 100% customize the pillow boxes with your logo and brand design printing. And we can recommend suitable materials to fit your products.

Assortment of Pillow Boxes

There are various styles of pillow boxes on the market. Pillow boxes are widely used to package jewelry, gifts, wigs, electronics, and more. So pillow gift boxes and pillow boxes for jewelry are much popular nowadays. This packaging method is lighter and can reduce the weight of your courier, thereby reducing the courier fee. Furthermore, you can also customize the box with your own logo to elevate your brand.

Custom Pillow Box for Underwear

White SBS Paperboard Pillow Box

SBS paperboard is widely used for custom printed pillow box making with your logo design. Material thickness is usually 14pt, 16pt, and 18pt. You can choose the suitable one to fit your box size, and the products packed inside. With a clear plastic window assembled in the front, consumers can see through and have a rough idea of the product.

Custom Clothese Packaging Boxes

Glossy Color Printed Clothese Pillow Box

Custom glossy color design printed pillow paper boxes for clothes packaging are made for a USA client. The material is 16pt C2S art paper with surface glossy lamination. Two rope handles are assembled on the top. The logo is printed with silver foil.

If you have your own design to print, please contact our service team for further discussion. 

Custom Print Kraft Paper Pillow Box

Kraft Paper Pillow Box

Kraft paper is a traditional and commonly used material, 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. In the market, under normal circumstances, there are two different origins, one is American kraft paper, and the other is Chinese kraft paper. Both of them are okay for color printed kraft paper pillow boxes, however American kraft paper is stronger and more resistant to breakage.

Gold Metallic Paper Pillow Box

Metallic Paper Pillow Box

Metallic paper is luxurious to be used for packaging to bring your brand to a higher level. To print your design, there is a need to use UV printing. The cost of this kind of printing is relatively high compared to ordinary offset printing. If you want to use this metallic paper material, it’s better with a big quantity to save costs.

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