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A customized cosmetic box & packaging can attract more consumers' attention, which in turn can increase your sales. With UNICO here, we can produce your custom boxes with high quality. Rush orders can be finished in 5-7 days.
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Cosmetic packaging is a prevalent form in the paper printing & packaging industry. On the shelves of supermarkets, you can see various styles of perfume packaging boxes, eyeliner packaging boxes, mask packaging boxes, and so on. UNICO is a leading cosmetic box manufacturer in China, and we can make your logo and design colors on each packaging box.

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Custom Order Eyeliner Packaging Cosmetic Box

Custom Eyeliner Box

Cardboard Perfume Packaging Box

Perfume Carton Box

Custom Printed Sunscreen Paper Cosmetic Box

Hot Foil Sunscreen Box

Skin Care Rigid Cardboard Box

Skin Care Box

Essential Oil Cardboard Packaging Box

Essential Oil Box

Perfume Box with Ribbon Handle

Luxury Perfume Box

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You can get unlimited help from UNICO to obtain your customized cosmetic packaging boxes to stand out from the competitors.

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With us, you will get 100% customized cosmetic boxes with your brand & logo printing, which allows you to gain more cosmetic market share.

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We guarantee that every order can be completed with high quality when making an order with UNICO factory.

In the market, there are many different kinds of materials suitable for cosmetic box making. One of them is single-layer cardstock, including kraft paper, white cardboard, art paper, etc. The other main material for the cosmetic box is rigid cardboard, thickness varies from 1.0mm to 3.0mm. Both of them are much popular for cosmetic box packaging. In UNICO factory,  as a cosmetic box manufacturer, we can produce the packaging boxes with your requirements. Contact us for your project quotes.

Tuck End Cosmetic Box

Tuck End Cosmetic Box

There are two mainly tuck end styles, including RTE (reverse tuck end) and STE (straight tuck end). They both are with strong structure that will protect your cosmetic products. On both inside and outside, it’s available to print with your brand and design color. 

Material for tuck end cosmetic box is usually cardstock, which is single layer, but strong and durable, thickness varies from 12pt to 30pt. Inside the box, you can also add an insert made of paper to hold the cosmetic bottles tightly.

Clear Window Cosmetic Box

Clear Window Cosmetic Box

Cosmetic packaging box with a clear window is much hot because end consumers would see through and have a rough idea of the products packed inside. The transparent material for the window is usually PET, PP, PVC, etc. Further, the window can be cut according to your requested shapes, like circle, heart, square, rectangular, etc. If you also need printing on the plastic window, it’s workable.

UNICO is a leading cosmetic box manufacturer in Zhejiang, China. We can make the cosmetic box packaging with your requirements, hot stamping, shiny spot UV varnish, embossed logo, etc.

Sliding Drawer Cosmetic Box

Sliding Drawer Cosmetic Box

Color printed sliding drawer box for cosmetics is a fashion type of folding carton, which includes two parts. One is the outside sleeve, and the other is the inner folding tray. The drawer cosmetic box is flat-pack for shipment to save your shipping cost and storage space.

The material for sliding cosmetic box is mainly SBS (Solid Bleached Sulfate), or kraft paper of white or brown. You can choose your own brand & design color printing on the surface.

Skincare Packaging Box

Skin Care Packaging Box

Skincare packaging box is made from white cardstock material. Both inside and outside can be printed with your logo and design color. The structure of the skincare box is RTE or STE, which is durable to protect your cosmetic products with locking flap panels.

We are a cosmetic manufacturer in China. On the surface of the skincare box, we can offer you various add-ons, like hot stamping to increase the level of your packaging, shiny spot UV varnish to be attractive, etc.

Tuck End Cream Packaging Box

Cream Packaging Box

The packaging cosmetic box for cream is made from silver metallic paper material, coated with a silver film on the surface. It needs UV printing, and UV inks on the surface to print with your brand and design color. So the cost is relatively higher than that of regular offset printing. However, this high-grade material can improve your packaging grade, and attract more eyes displayed on the shelf, thereby increasing your sales. You can also make the logo embossed on the front, and improve brand recognition.

Custom Print Lipstick Packaging Paper Box

Lipstick Folding Carton Box

Black color printed folding carton box for lipstick packaging is made from 16pt white cardstock. Other thickness is also available, like 14pt, 18pt, etc. Certainly, you can also choose other materials, such as black specialty paper, kraft paper, metallic paper, etc. 

The logo is coated with shiny spot UV varnish, which makes it much more attractive. To improve the packaging level, you can also choose add-ons like soft touch film.

Magnetic Cosmetic Box for Lipstick

Magnetic Cosmetic Box for Lipstick

Rigid cardboard lipstick packaging box is one of the luxury cosmetic packagings. Material is thick rigid cardboard, various thicknesses from 600gsm to 1800gsm. It’s usually assembled with two pieces of magnet closure in the front flap. The high quality chipboard construction with a hinged lid will bring a fantastic unboxing experience to the end consumer.

Inside the box tray, you can also add foam inlay to hold the lipstick. A 100% degradable pulp tray is also a good option, but the cost is higher.

Branded Cosmetic Box Manufacturer
A customized cosmetic box & packaging can attract more consumers' attention, which in turn can increase your sales. With UNICO here, we can produce your custom boxes with high quality. Rush orders can be finished in 5-7 days.
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